• Not sure what to choose? Why not let us decide for you? We conduct a skin analysis then recommend a suitable treatment to target any concerns you may have and to achieve amazing results! Sapphire Microdermabrasion, sometimes called the ‘lunchtime peel’ is the non-invasive, gentle process of using crystals accelerated onto the skin’s surface to abrade and mechanically exfoliate layers of dead and damaged skin cells. On completion of the abrasive process, a vacuum suction sweeps away the crystals and the abraded skin particles leaving your skin smoother, brighter, firmer and with a course of procedures, blemish free. Why is the Sapphire system better than conventional microdermabrasion?
  • Sapphire microdermabrasion focuses on safety, hygiene, comfort and flexibility of procedure. Unlike conventional microdermabrasion, Sapphire allows your therapist to offer you either a very gentle or more powerful microdermabrasion procedure.
  • Sapphire microdermabrasion incorporates the highest industry standard for hygiene with a superior performance.
  • Basic Sapphire Microdermabrasion $95
  • Cleanse, Micro, Moisturiser SPF
  • Advanced Sapphire Microdermabrasion $110
  • Cleanse, Enzyme, Peel, Micro, Serum, LED, Moisturiser.
  • Advanced Deluxe Sapphire Microdermabrasion $150
  • Cleanse, Enzyme Peel, Micro, Serum, LED, Massage, Mask, Moisturiser.