Privacy Policy


  • Escape Beauty Therapy  is an on-line retail business selling gift vouchers for beauty treatments. It is Australian owned. As part of our on-line business  we collect information from individuals. We respect and protect the privacy of the personal information of people who deal with us..
  • The information we collect
  • At all times when it is reasonable and practicable to do so, we collect information about you directly from you. The personal information we collect will include information you give us when you place an order for the purchase of a good we supply. This personal information will include your name, address and contact details, and may include other personal information we collect in the course of a transaction. We will only ask for and use personal information we reasonably need for the proper conduct of our business. Personal information is collected for the following purposes:
    1. to enable us to provide you with appropriate products and / or services
    2. to consider applications and approaches you make to us
    3. to maintain your contact details; and to fulfil our legal obligations under applicable laws, rules and regulations. The personal information we normally hold relates to:
    4. the products and services we provide or have provided to you
    5. your contact details.

    The only exception to the above is where as a result of the business we operate we are required to collect other private information..

  • Dealing with Escape Beauty Therapy online
  • The only personal information that we collect when you use our website is what you tell us about yourself. For example, the information you provide when making an online order or when you send us an email. Please note, we will record your email address if you send us an email. Where credit card details are provided for online purchasing, those details will be destroyed immediately after your payment has been processed. If you visit the Escape Beauty Therapy website to browse, read or download information, our system will log these movements. These web site logs are not personally identifiable and Escape Beauty Therapy makes no attempt to link them with the individual who browses the site. Your account information is password protected and we recommend you do not divulge your password to anyone. To further protect your personal information, your log-in time will automatically expire after a certain period of inactivity. Escape Beauty Therapy cannot guarantee or accept responsibility for the privacy practices or the content of web sites to which we provide links..
  • How the information is used.
  • We only use and disclose personal information about you for the purpose for which it has been disclosed to us or for purposes which reasonably would be understood to be related. For example, we may use your personal information to inform you of products and services which may be of interest to you. However, we do respect your right to ask us not to do this. We do not sell, rent or trade personal information. We will provide personal information as required by applicable laws or regulations. Laws and regulations regarding the use of personal information may vary by jurisdiction. We will comply with laws and rules in the relevant jurisdiction. If you have received any promotional material and do not wish to receive further promotional material, please let us know and we will respect your request. We do not engage in unsolicited telephone or email marketing..
  • Keeping information accurate and up to date.
  • We take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of information we hold. You can contact us to request the correction of any inaccurate information we hold about you.
  • Keeping information secure.
  • We take all reasonable care to protect the information we hold. Access to and use of personal information is limited. Where the
    personal information we collect is no longer required, we delete the information or permanently de-identify it.
  • How you can access your information.
  • You can contact us to request access to your information. In normal circumstances we will give you full access to your information unless there is a legitimate legal or administrative reason to deny access. If access is denied, we will explain why this is the case.
  • Contact us.
  • If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or handling of information, please direct your enquiry to or contact us by phone.
    ABN 94007431969.