Pro Dermal Skin Treatments

  • Not sure what to choose? Why not let us decide for you? We conduct a skin analysis then recommend a suitable treatment to target any concerns you may have and to achieve amazing results!
  • Alpha Beta peel $160
  • Benefits include: Improves smoothness of skin, rejuvenates and reduces lines and wrinkles, lifts layers of dead skin, decongests and is antibacterial. Who for? Thick photo damaged skin, acne/pimples.
  • Bio White Peptide peel $150
  • Benefits include: Anti-aging, brightening and lightening skin, evens skin tone, prevents pigmentation from forming. Who for? Aging, photo damaged skin, pigmentation, age spots, perfect for all skin types especially those in need of a mega dose of Vitamin C.
  • Oxygenating Enzyme peel $150
  • Benefits include: Immediately reduces wrinkle depth, smooths skin surface, improves hydration, promotes cell renewal, leaves skin radiant! Who For? Aging, photo damaged skin, tired and dull devitalised skin, lines/wrinkles, perfect entry level peel to really impress!
  • Catalyst Retinol peel $150
  • Benefits include: Anti-aging, improves cell renewal process, reduces lines and wrinkles, refines skin surface, improves collagen and elastin. Who For? Aging, lines/wrinkles, photo damaged skin, rosacea, acne problematic skin, scarring, pigmentation.